Communications Vehicle

Event Support Group needs YOUR HELP. We have started a fund raiser to build a communications vehicle. This will be a vehicle with space for 2-3 radio operators. It will contain a desk, radios, antennas, computer monitors, and a generator to allow volunteers to run a communications event in a safe comfortable area away from noise and weather. This will allow us to operate with the highest level of efficiency. Please click here to donate today. This vehicle will also be made available to other local radio groups such as ARES and local amateur radio clubs free of charge as often as our schedule and resources permit.

All funds accepted will be used to fund operational expenses for Event Support Group (annual fees, domains, vehicle construction and maintenance, etc.)

We will gladly accept donations through paypal, or in the form of equipment (see below). If you would like to donate directly, please contact us.

Exciting update! As of August 1, 2019, Event Support Group is now incorporated and been granted 501(c)3 status. This means your donation may even be tax deductible!

Below is a list of some of the kinds of equipment we can use in place of financial donations. As the project progresses we will likely come up with specific more urgent needs which will be listed here as well. We have also created a wish list on Amazon for the convenience of anyone who wants to make a quick purchase.

  • Motorola XTL5000 UHF and VHF
  • Dual band NMO antennas
  • antenna feedline
  • crank up tower/mast
  • computer monitors
  • 100ah deep cycle batteries (2-4)
  • portable radios and gang chargers
  • miscellaneous wiring (12v, 120v, transfer switch, shore power equipment)
  • base station antennas that are easily deploy-able and compact when stored
  • generator
  • RV roof air conditioner
  • repeaters and duplexers (prefer UHF but all bands accepted)
  • office chairs in good condition (3)
  • miscellaneous RF connectors
  • Whelen 900 Series lenses (amber or clear)
  • Mini fridge
  • Mini microwave
  • Uniden SDS200 Digital Scanner


Special thank you to the people below who have already made contributions in the form of money, equipment, and time (in no particular order)!

Thomas Durbin
Life Support Team
Robert Wright
Howard Mack
HMA Promotions
Dave Andrzejewski
Steve Spisak
Michelle Bailin Bill Ohlrich

Jason Boone

Brian Kiepura
Curtis Hendrix
Bob Mueller
Chuck Mehozonek
Rufus Kilpatrick
Diane Nickoson & Kevin Redding Catherine Nickoson
Juliana Nickoson
Antonio Riffo
Mike Putka Shaker Auto Hospital Rick Casentini Dick Koharik
Bill Chakan
Chude (Frank) Qian
John Padley
Pep Reynolds Thomas Thorpe Dave Rickon
Carl Gedeon